Learn more about who we are and what we do!

We are Virtual Crafters, helping you take your business to the next step online.

We are a startup company located in the Philippines composed of multiple individuals with an expertise to a wide range of skills, with a goal to provide clients an easy access for businesses to introduce their market online Virtual Crafters started.

Our team are consisting of talented graphic designers, experienced web designers and web developers as well brilliant SEO analyst, Virtual Crafters provide a well-designed structure to assure a successful transition of your business online.

We support the top website and e-commerce platform such as WordPress, Shopify and Bespoke website as they are named as the leading in the global IT standards. Our expertise in these tools allow us to tailor made website according to your business needs.

Still not convinced? We’ll let our previous projects do the talking, see our most recent projects here


To assist businesses to increase their income by gaining more customers in online using our crafted with-quality Websites.


To craft a well ranked and successful business community online, where people can access what they need in easily through our websites.