About Us

About Us

Unleashing Creativity in the Virtual Crafters

We are Virtual Crafters, helping you take your business to the next step online. We are a startup company located in the Philippines composed of multiple individuals with an expertise to a wide range of skills, with a goal to provide clients an easy access for businesses to introduce their market online Virtual Crafters started.

We support the top website and e-commerce platform such as WordPress, Shopify and Bespoke website as they are named as the leading in the global IT standards. Our expertise in these tools allows us to tailor made website according to your business needs.

Still not convinced? We'll let our previous projects do the talking, see our most recent projects here

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Virtual Crafters?

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Clean Work

Our work environment is elevated because we believe that the clarity of clean work will pave the way for our success.

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Skilled Developer

Our team brings unparalleled expertise thanks to their understanding of cutting-edge technologies and a knack for problem-solving.

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Quality Service

At Virtual Crafters IT Solutions, we define excellence by our unwavering dedication to providing you a quality service.


Talent Can Come
From Anywhere

In the dynamic realm of information technology, the guiding principle of "talent can come from anywhere" is not merely a belief but a cornerstone of our ethos. In a world interconnected by the digital thread, geography holds no sway over innovation. Exceptional talent has the potential to emerge from diverse corners of the globe, each contributor bringing their unique perspective and problem-solving approach.

Our IT firm thrives on this diversity, recognizing that groundbreaking ideas and cutting-edge solutions can originate from unexpected places. We actively seek and harness the untapped potential that exists universally, whether it be a developer in a bustling metropolis or a coder in a remote village.

By championing the concept that talent knows no boundaries, we not only cultivate an inclusive and dynamic work environment but also ensure that our IT solutions resonate with the richness of perspectives from around the world. This commitment transforms us into a true innovation powerhouse, where the fusion of global insights propels us forward in creating impactful and forward-thinking technological solutions.

We Have

Innovation Flexibility

To be the best, we employ only the best in the field with our SEO analyst / strategists, developers, designers excel in every technology powering native, hybrid, cross-platform and custom software development.

We Have Portfolio

See Our Latest Projects

Welcome to our company portfolio, a showcase of innovation, expertise, and successful collaborations. This portfolio exemplifies our dedication to excellence by encompassing a diverse range of projects that demonstrate our expertise across industries and technologies. From sleek website designs to robust software solutions, each entry represents a success story born of passion and precision.

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Here's a Feedback from Our Customer

User-Friendly Interface:
“One of the standout features of Virtual Crafters services is to make your website User-Friendly, navigating through the site was breeze and I found everything I needed with ease. The clean design and well-organized layout contribute to a positive user experience”


Owner, Marketing Agency

Innovative Features:
“Virtual Crafters has different and is its innovative approach to my Travel and Tours website. The platform incorporates cutting-edge features that not only simplify tasks but also add tremendous value. I particularly appreciated there Services, which significantly enhanced the overall and innovative features”


President, Go Travel and Tours

Reliable Performance:
“Reliability is key, especially in this New Framework and Technology, and Virtual Crafters delivers on this front. I experienced smooth and consistent performance, with minimal downtime. It’s evident that the team behind Virtual Crafters prioritizes stability and performance”

Sam Smith

Manager, Housing and Realstate

Exceptional Customer Support:
“In my interactions with the support and web development team of Virtual Crafters, I was impressed by their responsiveness and willingness to assist. Whether I had a technical question or needed guidance on using a particular feature, the support team was prompt, knowledgeable, and courteous”

Efecha Omoware

CEO, Aircon and Repair Incorporated

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